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Thought to self: Hopefully this mini-article will explain the whole philisophy around BeingAutistic and who I am. Let's start with a 5 bullet-pointed list if you can't be bothered to read the rest of this page

Quick Rundown!

  • My name is Matt.
  • I'm 33 years old.
  • I live/work/hang-around the UK.
  • I always have the intentions and motivated to talk about my life experiences.
  • I like to challenge other people's perspective on Autism

The longer version

Note: The actual philosophy around BeingAutistic

A long time a go in 2010, I bought the "beingautistic.co.uk" domain name with the idea to start a blogging revolution amongst the autism community. I felt at the time that I could write out my day-to-day experiences in detail to allow people who are on the autistic spectrum to gain some confidence and initiate the spark of imagination to go out and socialise. I believe that most autistic people can really make an impact in society. However, it's got to be a two-way commitment. Society should educate future generations about social disabilities and autistic people need to assist each other through the maze of life.

Through-out my previous carnations of hosted blogs under my control, I realised it's a huge commitment! Writing any kind of essay-length blog to make advice worth while is a slog. The slog that makes my mind lose concentration and eventually slow down to the point where I'm not posting anything. I've felt the point of being disappointed and embarrassed that I wouldn't share my website address due to the lack of content. This is going to change moving forward...

I still see a blog being a great method of distributing my advice, wisdom and day-to-day antics. However, all this time; I ignored my learnt skills that has not been used for a few years. Radio, audio and speech. As most of my friends and family can tell you. I can talk for England (and shout it out too!) I've decided to go down the path of podcasting. Out there, there really aren't many based on experiences from an autistic person. For me, talking about something is easier and I can be more precise with the message/context. That includes 7 years of Hospital Radio experience with using the technical equipment and being on the microphone. You'll find more information in the 'podcast' link in the navigation bar at the top.

Who is Matt?

Hello again! The man behind BeingAutistic is the person right at the top of the page. Recently, I've been doing a few talks about my Asperger's out and about. What's my life story in brief...

  • Born at the very end of 1986! (it's a crap time to have a Birthday)
  • Diagnosed at the age of 3 - with learning difficulties and echolalia
  • Could only say 3 words at the age of 5
  • Went to an infant school with special needs unit - learn't my 123 and ABCs literally
  • Transferred to a mainstream primary school where I had dedicated support throughout my teens up to the end of secondary school
  • Encountered a lot of bullying through secondary school
  • Parents had to fight 3 times to get my SEN statement back
  • Completed GCSEs with all passes and college passing 4 A-Levels
  • Started my working career at a well known DIY shop to progress my social and working skills
  • Entered into the world IT at a local school and now work for a major web company in London
  • Live and work in London - also completed 2 full marathons (London and Chicago)
  • Continuing to support SNAP and other autistic charities in various ways

The list above could go on! However, these are probably my major life events. My experiences and coping strategies around the above events will all be revealed in future blogs and especially the podcasts. The aim is to create mini-series based on certain topics as the priority. On the side, you'll see be able to listen to my current and future exploits based on my day-to-day life. Maybe also including a rant or two about anything and everything!

Matt. :)